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Copy Editor

Telecommute | Freelance

@ Rishabh R. Dassani


I'm looking for a copy editor for my upcoming website who is passionate about, and has the knowledge, skills, and experience, with writing/editing for the web.

This editor will be responsible for editing blog posts, correcting grammar and punctuation, and editing for readability, consistency, voice, and other "big picture" things. This editor will sweat the details so I can publish with confidence.

This copy editor will edit one blog post per week, with four to five blog posts a month, with each post about a 1000 words. The theme of the blog posts will revolve around management, technology, lifestyle, web, business, design, productivity, creativity, and the like. All writing will be done in Markdown, so this editor should be comfortable with editing text in Markdown.

My ideal copy writer/editor

  • is passionate about writing/editing for the web
  • has worked for popular web writers in the areas I'll be writing about [see above]
  • will sweat the details
  • is easy to work with

How to Apply

Please email at rishabh@eml.cc with the following information:

  • provide a link to your website
  • describe your background, education, and experience briefly
  • two before/after samples of pieces you've worked on, in the last one month
  • web writers you've worked for
  • what's your process? how do you work?
  • how much do you expect to get paid?
  • why should I hire you aka what makes you different than other copy writers/editors?